Children & Family Services Policies

 Absent Parent Search/Relative Search (61.9 KB)
 Abuse Investigations - Findings, Documentation and Cross Reporting (66.8 KB)
 Abuse Investigations - Open Case (47.6 KB)
 Abuse Investigations - Orangewood Children's Home (87.6 KB)
 Abuse Investigations - Practice Guidelines (134.1 KB)
 Abuse Investigations--Foster Care (56.1 KB)
 Abuse Investigations--Protective Interventions (127.3 KB)
 Acquisition of Health Care Information (85.7 KB)
 Adoption Application - Denial and Grievance (68.6 KB)
 Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) (130.6 KB)
 Adoption Case Record Confidentiality (43.2 KB)
 Adoption Finalization (100 KB)
 Adoption Full Assessment (127 KB)
 Adoption Matching Procedure (125.8 KB)
 Adoption Recruitment Guidelines (57.2 KB)
 Adoption Review Hearings (36.7 KB)
 Adoptive Parents Required Statement (29.6 KB)
 Adoptive Placement (154.2 KB)
 AFCARS (30.8 KB)
 AFDC-FC (97.7 KB)
 AFDC-FC: 18 Year Olds (48.4 KB)
 Assignment Preference (46.5 KB)
 Birth Certificate: Foster Care (100.1 KB)
 Bodies of Water Enclosures/Covers (55.1 KB)
 CalWORKs-CFS Collaboration (93.5 KB)
 Car Seat Usage (192.5 KB)
 Caregiver Adoption (143.3 KB)
 Case Closure (146.9 KB)
 Case Compliance Contacts and Documentation (130.3 KB)
 Case Plans (741.3 KB)
 Case Sealing (48.2 KB)
 Case Transfers (146.1 KB)
 Child Abduction (208.1 KB)
 Child Abuse and Severe Neglect Indexing Form and Suspect Notification (164.3 KB)
 Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) Grievance Reviews (138.3 KB)
 Child Abuse Registry (CAR) (112.1 KB)
 Child Abuse Services Team (CAST) (58.6 KB)
 Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Assessment (366.1 KB)
 Child and Family Teams (417.4 KB)
 Child Fatalities and Near Fatalities (380.3 KB)
 Child Fatality Reviews (249 KB)
 Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program (74.2 KB)
 Child Support Referrals (51.1 KB)
 Child Welfare Training Regulations (93.5 KB)
 Children Born to Incarcerated Mothers (35.6 KB)
 Child's Rights at Court (46.8 KB)
 Clearances - Relative Assessment (196.3 KB)
 CLETS (180.3 KB)
 Client Rights (73.5 KB)
 Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (239.7 KB)
 Completion of the JV-225 (139.6 KB)
 Concurrent Planning (185.9 KB)
 Conditional Release to Intensive Supervision Program (CRISP) (398.9 KB)
 Confidentiality of CFS Client Records (175.9 KB)
 Consent for Medical Care and Physical Examination (130.2 KB)
 Conserved Funds (48.7 KB)
 County Funds Requests (240.1 KB)
 County-Issued Cellular Telephones (49.1 KB)
 Court Medical Consent for Non-Dependent Children (92.7 KB)
 Court Notification of Drug Test Results (76.5 KB)
 Courtesy Supervision (57.4 KB)
 Credit Reports and Credit Resolution (261 KB)
 Custody Orders and Custody Transfers to Non-Custodial Parents (112.2 KB)
 Dependency Intake (151.3 KB)
 Dependent Youth Driver License Application (68 KB)
 Developmental Screening Referrals (40 KB)
 DMV Clearances (240.4 KB)
 DMV Identification Cards - Reduced Fee (31.6 KB)
 Dual Agency and Infant Supplement Rates (232.9 KB)
 Dual Status (121.2 KB)
 Electronic Signing and Filing of Court Reports (70.5 KB)
 Emergency Assistance Program (98.5 KB)
 Emergency Response (ER) On-Call System (42.9 KB)
 Emergency Response to Adoption Planning Requests (41.5 KB)
 Extended Adoption Assistance Payment (AAP) and Kin-GAP Benefits (91.4 KB)
 Extended Foster Care (631.6 KB)
 Extracurricular Activities (55.9 KB)
 Family Maintenance Six Month Review Report (240.4 KB)
 Family Reunification Status Review Reports (567.2 KB)
 Fifteen Day Review Hearings (82.7 KB)
 Flex Schedules (35.2 KB)
 Food Stamp Applications for Transitioning Youth (51.2 KB)
 Foster Care Rates (434.2 KB)
 Foster Care, AAP, and Kin-GAP Rates for Young Adults (88.7 KB)
 Foster Home Licensing (182.2 KB)
 Funeral Expenses (290.8 KB)
 Gift Cards (43.2 KB)
 Group Homes - Emergency Interventions (66.5 KB)
 Health and Education Passport (73.7 KB)
 HIV/AIDS Case Management (74 KB)
 Home Schooling (11.6 KB)
 Incarcerated and Institutionalized Parents (114.7 KB)
 Independent Living Program (ILP) Services (128 KB)
 Indian Child Welfare Act (155.6 KB)
 Injections for Children in Out-of-Home Care (58.8 KB)
 Intercounty Transfers (281 KB)
 Interstate Compact for Juveniles (ICJ) (54.2 KB)
 Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (130.7 KB)
 Jurisdictional/Dispositional Hearing Report (384.8 KB)
 Kin-GAP (120 KB)
 Legal Guardianship - Dependents (175 KB)
 Legal Guardianship for Non-Dependents (94.7 KB)
 Limiting Educational Rights (72.3 KB)
 Live Scan Fingerprinting (319.6 KB)
 Maintaining Connections with Important Persons (113.4 KB)
 Medical Assessment and Consultation (51.3 KB)
 Mental Health Screening and Treatment (124.8 KB)
 Missing/Runaway/AWOL (393.7 KB)
 Newborns and Children Unknown to CFS with Dependent Siblings (126.7 KB)
 Non-Minor Dependency Court Proceedings (177.7 KB)
 Non-Minor Dependent Placements (475.7 KB)
 Notices of Hearing (560.3 KB)
 Out-of-County Travel and Passports for Children (69.9 KB)
 Out-of-Home Placement (206.4 KB)
 Parentage (89.7 KB)
 Periodic Review Report (287.2 KB)
 Permanency Planning (217.2 KB)
 Permanency Planning Mediation (80.7 KB)
 Permanent Planning Assessments (PPAs) (399.3 KB)
 Placement Change Notification (322.8 KB)
 Placement Grievance Review (68.6 KB)
 Placement Holds (148.6 KB)
 Placement in Foreign Country/Release/Repatriation (70.5 KB)
 Pre-Placement Steps for Prospective Adoptive Placements (53.4 KB)
 Probate Guardianship (92.2 KB)
 Protective Custody Evaluations - Psychiatric Hospitals (29.3 KB)
 Psychiatric Hospitalization (71.9 KB)
 Psychotropic Medication: Dependent Child (542.1 KB)
 Quality Assurance of Cases - Supervisory Responsibilities (45.5 KB)
 Record Retention (53.4 KB)
 Red Flag Placement Cases (54.7 KB)
 Re-Entry into Extended Foster Care (EFC) (109.6 KB)
 Referral and Case Filing (57 KB)
 Referral Compliance Contacts and Documentation (48.6 KB)
 Registry: Adult Protective Services (APS) (92.3 KB)
 Reimbursement of Nonrecurring Adoption Expenses (47 KB)
 Relative/NREFM Placement Assessments (142.6 KB)
 Respite Care (248.4 KB)
 Restraining Orders (47.7 KB)
 Safely Surrendered Babies (281.3 KB)
 School Placement and Transfer (128.2 KB)
 SCIAP Funds Request (67.5 KB)
 Sensitive/Highly Sensitive Referrals and Cases (161.6 KB)
 Sexual Abuse Allegations (73.7 KB)
 Sexual/Reproductive Health and Parenting (537.6 KB)
 Social Security Benefits: Foster Children (84.9 KB)
 Social Security Numbers (77.6 KB)
 Special Medical Placements (412.7 KB)
 Staff as Placement Resources (58.6 KB)
 Staff Safety and Responses to Threats (68.7 KB)
 Standard Operating Procedures (71.4 KB)
 State Hearings (60.9 KB)
 Structured Decision Making (377.3 KB)
 Substance Abuse Services for Children (57.2 KB)
 Substance Exposed Infants (48.7 KB)
 Substitute Supervision (46.6 KB)
 Supervisory Oversight of Child Abuse Referrals (37.9 KB)
 Team Decision Making (97.9 KB)
 Telephone Rights (42.8 KB)
 Transportation of Children (46.4 KB)
 Tribal Customary Adoption (115.8 KB)
 Undocumented Dependents (113.2 KB)
 Use of At Risk, Sibling Abused (61.2 KB)
 U-Visa Certification (491.8 KB)
 Visitation Guidelines (252.4 KB)
 Voluntary Family Services (VFS) and Informal Supervision (106.6 KB)
 Voluntary Placements (121.1 KB)
 Voluntary Relinquishment (109.3 KB)
 Warrants (653.7 KB)
 WIC 366.26 Report (265.7 KB)
 Wraparound Referral and Services (73.8 KB)