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Children/Adult Abuse Protective ServicesAdult Abuse Statistics

Adult Protective Services (APS) are directed at preventing or remedying neglect, abuse and exploitation of adults who are unable to protect their own interests because of age or disability.

Population Served

  • Adults who are ages 60 years or older.
  • Dependent adults, ages 18-to-59 years, who are physically and/or mentally impaired.


Adult Protective Services are provided without regard to income or resources. Clients must live in Orange County and be the victims of abuse and/or neglect, perpetrated either by self or by others in the community.

SSA Demographic Data

This report shows the number of persons in each city, grouped according to age, for each of the major programs the Agency offers. The report contains unduplicated counts of clients participating in each program. Clients participating in more than one program are counted by each program.

Child Abuse Statistics

The statistical reports provided in this section represent the calls received by the Child Abuse Registry Hotline and the Child Abuse and Neglect Reports generated by those calls.

Youth Services

This site includes the following two sections that provide: 1) contacts and information regarding housing, health, employment, education, and scholarship services available to foster youth and emancipated foster youth; and, 2) information regarding employment, education, and scholarship services available to other youth living in Orange County.