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Overview-Fiscal Year 2019-2020, Budget Report

The Social Services Agency (SSA), operating under the policy directly of the Board of Supervisors and the California Department of Social Services and Health Services, is responsible for planning, implementing, and operating many of the social services programs provided by the County of Orange. A picture of the magnitude of the agency is reflected by the following statistics:



Annual Budget


The total budget for the County of Orange for Fiscal Year 2019-20 is $6.83 billion of which $969,677,961 is for the Social Services Agency’s operations and assistance budgets and balance funds.

Pie chart showing SSA share of County budget

SSA Operations Budget

Salaries and Benefits



Services and Supplies



Other Charges



Capital Assets



Transfer Out-To-Funds 2AA-299



Transfer Out-To-Funds 500-599



Intra-fund Transfers



Total Operations Appropriations



Total Operations Revenue



Operations Net County Cost



SSA Assistance Payments Budgets

In-Home Supportive Services Provider Payments






Foster Care






General Relief



KinGAP Assistance Fund



Total Assistance Appropriations



Total Assistance Revenue



Assistance Net County Cost



Total Operations and Assistance Appropriations



SSA Operations Facilities Development and Maintenance Budget (14T)










Total Operations, Assistance, & Facilities Appropriations



SSA Fiduciary Responsibility

CalFresh Authorized/Issued (FY 2018/19)



IHSS Payments (FY 2018/19)



Medi-Cal Benefits (FY 2018/19)



SSA Donations & Fees (12S)



SSA Wraparound (12W)



SARC Lease Conveyance (102)



IHSS Public Authority (590)



Total Fiduciary Responsibility



SSA Total Financial Responsibility

Total FY 2019-2020 Board of Supervisors Authorized Budget



Total Fiduciary Responsibility



Total Financial Responsibility