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Children playing. Children pictured are child actors

The CAST therapists:

  • Provide crisis intervention services on-site at CAST
  • Deliver short-term therapy for the child and family
  • Facilitate referrals to resources in the community for long term therapy

Two full-time licensed therapists, including one Spanish speaking, are available on-site at CAST to provide crisis intervention services and short-term follow-up therapy. The therapist evaluates the level of mental health services appropriate for each child and family, while providing either direct services or linkage to the services that will best meet their needs.

Short-term therapy is provided at CAST to address post-traumatic stress symptoms and help the child to cope constructively with whatever fears, worries or anxieties may be troubling them in the aftermath of the traumatic experience. The therapists also work with parents to support and educate them about common reactions in the aftermath of trauma. They also help parents understand how to support their child as the child heals from the traumatic experience.