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Youth Services

Welcome to the Youth section.

GraduatesThis section contains information about services and programs for youth 14 years of age through their 25th birthdays. You will also find information about the Independent Living Program (ILP), which provides services for ILP eligible youth from 16 years of age until their 25th birthdays. (Eligibility is based on whether a youth was placed in out-of-home care on or after his or her16th birthday. Contact the number below for questions about eligibility.)

ILP services are provided by Orangewood Children's Foundation and the Orange County Children and Family Services Transitional Planning Services Program (TPSP). Our goal is to support youth in achieving self-sufficiency and stability upon leaving the child dependency system. This includes assisting the youth in establishing and achieving goals related to:

  • Education: Completing high school or its equivalency and having a plan for pursuing post-secondary education.
  • Housing: Securing a safe, stable place to live.
  • Medical/Health: Obtaining regular medical examinations and securing medical insurance or completing the steps for maintaining Medi-Cal eligibility.
  • Permanent Connections: Establishing relationships with at least one safe, stable adult upon whom the youth can rely for emotional support and guidance.
  • Employment: Securing a job that will provide a stable source of income.

TPSP staff also support former dependent youth with accessing community resources to achieve these life goals.

TPSP and the Orangwood Children's Foundation partner to provide current and former foster youth with the following services:

  • ILP Workshops focus on establishing life skills (e.g. budgeting, cooking, educational opportunities, and healthy relationships)
  • Access to transitional housing (THP Plus)
  • Financial assistance
  • Vocational assessments and career counseling
  • Youth advocacy opportunities
  • Mentoring

TPSP staff can be contacted by calling (714) 704-8000 and asking for the TPSP Officer-of-the-Day.