Frequently Asked Questions About General Relief Work Program

Who must register for the General Relief Work Program (GRWP)?
Everyone who applies for General Relief who is not incapacitated or meets one of the exemptions must register for GRWP.
What happens if I don’t report to my assigned work site?
Your General Relief case may be closed and a sanction may be imposed if you do not have good cause.
How long are sanctions periods?
The first sanction is for 90 days. If you receive another sanction within the same 12-month period, it will be for 180 days.
Are the hours I spend working for the GRWP credited against the money I receive from GR?
Yes, the hours worked are credited at the California State minimum wage against the repayable GR benefits that have been paid to you.
What happens if I am sick and can’t make it to a work site?
This will be explained to you in detail when you register for the GRWP. You will be given your GRWP worker's phone number so that you will have someone to notify in case of illness.
If I am disabled, will I have to participate in the GRWP?
Not if your disability is verified by a medical or mental health professional.
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